Company Trade Report

The original customs database, contains over 30 million real trading companies, find your customers!

Latest Customs Transaction Data And Details

Check the latest and previous year transactions, and the company data will be updated twice a month. Advanced search are available to help you filter data. The shipments data includes: trade partners, ports, logistics information, product description, HS code, quantity, weight, unit price, supplier country (country of origin), etc.

Company Import-expoort Trend Analysis

Through big data, we provide you with the company's import-export trading trend in last year and the previous year. Check data by the number of transactions, quantity, weight, total price and other dimensions. From the trading trend chart, we can initially judge the stability and the periodicity of the target company's buying and supplying.

Reference contact info

The contact data is derived from the original customs data. We independently extracted the contact information and displayed it as a data section. The complete contact information includes: contact, telephone, fax, email, official website, company address. At the same time, the email hunting tool can be used to obtain a contact list of company employee.

Trading partners rankings and transaction overview

You can check the target company's partner directory. Filter the trading partners by company name, country region, transaction ratio and transaction date. While you can check the product type, quantity price and trade frequency about each transaction of the two parties. These data can provide you with competitor research, customer maintenance and monitoring, and target user development.

Global buying and supplying area ranking

Based on the original customs data, display the target company's buying and supplying area and trade details. It can be ranked by the number of transactions, the proportion, the quantity, etc. Analyze the target company's major market share in the world. Help you to deeply analyze the target company's market and scientifically formulates production and marketing strategies.

Import and export port ranking

You can check all the target companies' shipping ports, unloading port rankings and transaction details. Analyze the distribution of POL/POD/overseas loading port, and optimize the enterprise logistics system. Analyze the target company's major worlrwide markets share.

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