Raw import and export data

Based on 2.1 billion pieces of raw import and export data, we provide in-depth analysis of the industry's target markets and scientifically develop production and marketing strategies.

At present, 52WMB has direct trade data for 32 countries and Indirect data for 200+ countries. 32 countries are located in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The main countries include.

North America (7): USA, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador
South America (11): Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala
Asia (10): Taiwan, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan
Europe (3): Russia, UK, Ukraine
Africa (1): Ethiopia

Trade data is derived from first-hand customs data of each country. Due to different policy of each country, there are strict rules and restrictions on the disclosure of trade information in each country. The fields in the trade data includes date, HS code, commodity description, buyer, supplier, packaging information (weight, quantity, amount), shipment information (port of loading, port of destination), and container information. The fields in trade data of each country is different. Therefore the data fields displayed are also different from country to country. Such as USA and Pakistan contain more fields and therefore the data is more complete.South Korea and the UK provide trade data with fewer fields and the data is relatively incomplete.

Compared to other data providers, the advantage of 52WMB lies in its services and updating speed. Since 2010, we have continued to provide professional data services to our users. The platform now has more than one million members and maybe the largest online data provider. Using of online mode to do the data services, we do not do excessive product packaging and marketing, save the middle of all kinds of operating costs, so our prices can be cheaper than peer companies.

As the frequency of updating varies from country to country, such as US/Pakistan, which update more quickly, update once a week, while other countries generally have a lag of 1~2 months, which means that data between February to March will be updated in May. 52WMB is updated twice a month, usually in the middle and at the end of the month.

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