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Section One Service

1.Legal effect
Welcome to! Your use of (“services” or “our services”) is subject to these Terms. Please (or Users) read carefully and fully the terms of this Agreement. This Terms of Service and other documents consented during your use will create rights and liabilities on you and our website sponsor.

2.Website and its sponsor
The website hereunder refers to sponsored by Shanghai Top Ease Limited Liability registered in Xuhui District, Shanghai, dedicating to provide foreign trade business information service, marketing consultancy and research services.

3.Our Services
Our services consist principally of the following three aspects:

(1)Find Company
Find Company is the ultimate core application of our website. We have invented an intelligent search engine algorithm to sift through billions of bills of ladings from customs houses for nearly five years, and have collected, assorted and analyzed all the obtained data. The result is yellow pages of the foreign trade companies presented in our website, which greatly reduces the time our users spend on analyzing customs data and magically improves their efficiency in finding new customers.
Trading data is not only a powerful weapon for finding potential customers, but also an excellent foundation for industry market analysis, maintenance of customer loyalty and monitoring of competitors.
Columns in our yellow pages of foreign trade companies: basics (including industry, country, address, contact information); trading partners and record of transactions; port used and records; data in every bill of lading since year 2007.
Advantages of our Find Company data collection: purchaser data are based on importation data from 5 countries, namely USA, UK, Korea, India and Pakistan, and corresponding exportation data of global suppliers; Find Company data are updated every month to keep up with real time transactions.

We have set up over a hundred groups in different aspects of foreign trade, including export communications, foreign trade SOHO, English language in foreign trade, special or difficult problems, logistics, B2B, expositions etc. Users may join different groups to explore or discuss the latest headlines about foreign trade, or share their own knowledge and experiences. These groups are virtually an on-going encyclopedia of foreign trade. If necessary, we will create more groups for our users in the future to provide even more diversified foreign trade related assistance.

We have already had more than one million users from all over the world. Among them are purchasers, suppliers, forwarding agencies and other foreign trade related service providers from various industries. You may add users of your interest as friends to expand your connections in the foreign trade business, and you may PM your friends for online business communications, consultations, or simply chatting.

You are agreeing to be bound by the rules of our website. You need to create an account and password, and fill in relevant information before you become the member of our website and enjoy our service. Your registration is deemed to be your consensus to all terms of our websites.

The content of our Terms of Service may vary after your registration. If you disagree with updated Terms of Service, you shall stop using our services and inform us immediately. Your continuing use of our services is deemed to be your consensus to our updated Terms of Services.

If you disagree with updated Terms of Service, you are free to terminate our services. We will not indemnify or compensate you. You shall undertake legal responsibilities for your behaviors and actions before your termination.

Section Two General rights and obligations

You shall be a natural person or legal person with full capacity for civil conduct or an organization which undertake civil liabilities independently. Otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel your membership.

You shall provide us with authentic, legal, effective and complete information for better service. You shall fill in your name, contact number, email-address, company name, and occupation in accordance with requirements of our website. If there exists any unauthentic, unlawful, ineffective or incomplete information, you shall undertake the negative consequence thereby and we will not assume any responsibilities thereunder.

9.Account and Password
You shall keep properly the account and password for our website as well as account and password registered in third-party website. You shall not disclose the aforementioned information and allow others using your account or password or third-party payment website. You are allowed to share your account with group company for internal use. You shall undertake liabilities if you disclose your account or password improperly and we will not assume responsibilities for that. [if you allow others using your account or password improperly, we have the right to suspend your account or password until you provide us with a reasonable explanation, which enable us to recover your right to use.] If you discover any unauthorized use or disclosure, you shall immediately inform us to take safety measures.

10.Rules for credit
(1)Your consensus to this agreement means you agree to use all free or paid service.
(2)We charge on certain services by credit or other mode. We will publish a list of paid services and relevant charging standards. We reserve the right to establish paid service on our websites according to our policies.
(3)You can recharge your account through our websites or third-party payment websites. If there is any lose caused by third-party payment websites, you shall negotiate with them and we will not undertake any liabilities thereunder.
11.User’s codes of conduct
(1)You shall be responsible for your conduct, including import, upload, transmit and download any content and legal consequences thereby. We will not undertake any liabilities. You shall judge by yourself the content contained through importation, uploading, transmission and downloading and all risks resulting from them.
(2)Users shall be solely responsible for the authenticity, lawfulness, and effectiveness of the uploaded information. We will not assume responsibilities for any information recorded, uploaded or downloaded by you as it does not reflect our views or policies.
(3)You may not produce, reproduce, disseminate or broadcast information including but not limits to:
1)opposes the fundamental principles determined in the Constitution;
2)compromises State security, divulges State secrets, subverts State power or damages national unity;
3)harms the dignity or interests of the State;
4)incites ethnic hatred or racial discrimination or damages inter-ethnic unity;
5)sabotages State religious policy or propagates heretical teachings or feudal superstitions;
6)disseminates rumours, disturbs social order or disrupts social stability;
7)propagates obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder or fear or incites the commission of crimes;
8)insults or slanders a third party or infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of a third party; or
9)is otherwise prohibited by laws or administrative regulations.

(4)There may be certain advertisements provided by partners and third-party suppliers during your use. You shall handle the disputes arising from services or products by third-party and we will not assume responsibilities.
(5)There may be time line between the updated information and actual situations. The relevant data and information is for your reference which cannot be the deciding basis for your determination.

12.Compliance with laws and regulations
You shall comply with laws and regulations of PRC and rules of our websites and public morals during your use of our services. If you violate the regulations and rules, you shall be solely responsible for all negative consequences.

You shall be honest and prudent when you use our websites. Any damage to website or invasion to data base or illegal knowledge of information is prohibited.

Section Three Our General Rights and Obligations

14.Compliance with Law and Covenants
We commit to comply with the laws, rules and regulations of the People’s Republic of China as well as the covenants agreed upon between you and us, to meet our obligations and exercise our rights.
In the event of any changes in laws and regulations, we commit to comply with all then in effect laws and regulations.

15.Good Faith
We commit to act in good faith while offering our services to you.

16.Technology and Maintenance
We undertake to maintain an up and running website based on available technologies, and to make efforts to improve our technologies. We will repair all system failures that affect our web services in a timely fashion; however, we may neither be held liable nor compensate for your losses, if any, either financially or emotionally, arising from the down time caused by any system failure. We reserve our right to temporarily suspend our web services or any portion thereof for reasons of maintenance, upgrade, or other similar purposes without giving prior notice.

During your subscription to our website, if you report any problems with regard to the website, we will reply in available forms in a timely fashion.

18.Personal Information and Privacy
(1)We fully understand and respect your reasonable expectation of privacy. We undertake to take all reasonable measures to protect your privacy according to law.
(2)For the purpose of our foreign trade business information service and other relevant services, you hereby agree that we may collect your personal information, including without limitation, avatar, posts, likes, clicks, PMs, logs, cookies etc.; we have the right to use and share such information within the scope of law.
(3)We may not disclose personal information to any third party without consent of our users, unless it is so required by law or government agencies whose authority is legally vested by law, or it is explicitly stipulated herein.
(4)If you choose to agree to disclose your personal information in the signup process, or a separate agreement between you and us (including our partners) in respect of the disclosure or use of your personal information shows your consent, we may elect to disclose such personal information. Under such circumstances, you are to deal with all risks that may arise on your own, whereas we or our partners may not be held liable.
(5)You agree to strictly comply with all stipulations in respect of personal information and privacy prescribed in this agreement.

During your subscription to our website, if you post any information that is illegal, harmful or potentially harmful to our operation of the website, in addition to removal of such information without notice, we have the right to restrict your access to the website or suspend our services without any compensations, and you will be held responsible for all consequences arising therefrom.

20.Illegal Activities
If you are found to have used our website for illegal activities, we reserve the right to report such illegal activities to relevant government authorities in addition to suspending our services. Section Four Suspension and Termination of Service

Your account may be deactivated upon your request, provided that we find you have met all your prescribed obligations. After deactivation of your account, you will no longer be able to use our website. However, we will keep all your information, materials and documents stored on our website, which will not be used for any other purposes except for judicial proceedings or submission to relevant administration by an administrative order.

22.Suspension and Termination
Under any of the following circumstances, we may suspend or terminate your right to use our website and stop offering our service, without refunding any of your payment or owing you any liabilities:
(1)When required by competent administrative authorities, or when you are in breach of this agreement or in violation of any State laws or regulations;
(2)When you are found to have provided false information in your subscription;
(3)When you fail to pay our service charge in full and in time, if applicable;
(4)When your account has no activities for over three years;
(5)When all of your rights and obligations under relevant instruments have been discharged with no unresolved disputes and after we have duly given notice.

Section Five IPR

We and our admitted right owners are the respective lawful owners of IPRs, including without limitation, copyright, trademark right, patent, or other proprietary right, to all relevant software, programs, databases, contents, trademarks, proprietary names, marks, pictures, archives, materials, website structure, domain name, web interface, webpage arrangement, and webpage design that are used on our website, as well as all information presented through our website. Such rights are protected by relevant laws.

24.No Right to Use
Without written authorization of the owners, you may not use, copy, modify, rent, lend, sell, forward, demonstrate, broadcast, or disseminate, in whole or in part, our website or any materials and resources used by our website as described in the previous Article; nor may such materials and resources be used illegally or in any way that may give rise to confusion, misunderstanding or ambiguity, nor be recorded on any storage media or processed into objects of any kind, nor be used for any other public or business purposes.

Section Six Legal Liability

25.Contractual Liability
You explicitly understand and agree that: the service offered by us is a foreign trade platform for social information in nature and we do not have a duty to review information provided by a third party; you assume the liability for any losses resulting from your activities on our website, including obtaining information from or concluding transactions with a third party, and you will independently take legal responsibilities and obligations should any legal disputes arise therefrom, although we may offer our assistance in dealing with such matters if you so authorize us.

26.Identity Check
You explicitly understand and agree that: identity check on the internet is extremely difficult to carry out; we will make our best effort to perform an identity check on all our users and you should give cooperation in this regard; we assume no liability for the identity check on you; and you will be held liable for all losses arising from your activities on our website under a false identity.

27.Breach of Contract
You explicitly understand and agree that: you will indemnify and compensate us in full and in a timely manner for all losses incurred by us or any relevant third party resulting from your violation of relevant laws, regulations or this agreement. You will be entitled to our compensation for your actual loss arising from our violation of relevant laws, regulations or this agreement.

28.Breach of Contract by Other Users
You explicitly understand and agree that: should you incur any losses as a result of violation of relevant laws, regulations or this agreement by other users of our website, the breaching users will independently be held liable whereas we are fully exempted from such liabilities.

Section Seven Force Majeure

29.Force Majeure
We shall not be liable for our suspension, delay, non-performance or termination of our services due to Force Majeure or accidents, including but limited to internet connection failure, breakdown of computer or communication or other system, power fail, hacker attack, internet virus, technology control by telecommunication sector, natural disaster, strike or riots, material shortage or rationing, rebellion, war, and government action.

Section Eight Others

30.Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of People’s Republic of China.

31.Dispute Resolution
Any dispute or claim arising from or in connection with these terms including their existence, interpretation or performance shall be first settled by negotiations; if parties cannot reach consensus, then either party is entitled to bring the case before the court where Shanghai Ruitaiheng Financinal Information Service Limited Liability Company is located.

The invalidity of any provision herein shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement.

Please make sure you have read carefully these Terms of Service. If you agree to be bound by this Terms of Service, you shall tick ‘I have read and I am agreeing to be bound by this Terms of Service’ and then click the button ‘registration now’. These Terms of Service become effective and then you move on to the registration step. These Terms of Service constitute the legal document between you and our website.

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