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Although LinkedIn is positioned as a professional social platform, its business and career attributes make it a powerful tool for many foreign traders to develop clients. However, there are still some foreign traders who are not using it effectively. This article will provide a basic strategy for finding clients on LinkedIn, as well as how to establish connections after adding them.

4 Key Techniques for Finding Clients on LinkedIn
Technique 1: Skillful use of the search bar + keywords
Before searching, it's essential to organize the keywords related to your products. Let's take textile testing equipment as an example for demonstration.
First, we need to identify some customer groups. Common customer groups for textile testing equipment include testing and appraisal institutions, large textile factories, university laboratories, equipment distributors, etc.
Once the customer groups are identified, we can formulate keywords based on the characteristics of these customer groups. For example, "textile testing laboratory," "textile testing service," "textile test lab manager," etc. After determining the keywords, we can use the search bar to query personnel and companies.
Technique 2: People you may know
Click on "My Network" above, and the system will recommend friends to you. You can make appropriate selections from these recommendations. This recommendation is based on your profile and the characteristics of the friends you have added, so it's important to have a high-quality profile and not add friends randomly.
Technique 3: Who’s viewed your profile
Visit your LinkedIn profile page, and there will be Analytics below. These are the people who have viewed your profile and articles. Generally, these are potential clients, so you should promptly check who they are and chat with them if they are friends! If they are not friends, selectively add them as friends!! Since my account is newly registered, it shows 0 here.
Technique 4: People also viewed
When you click on a client's profile picture to enter their profile page, other people related to the profile you are browsing will appear on the right side of the interface. By carefully browsing the profiles of these related individuals, you may discover more potential clients or business opportunities.
How to establish contact after adding clients
LinkedIn messages are different from emails. Therefore, when writing LinkedIn messages, pay attention to the following points:
1) Pay attention to the length of the InMail content. Unlike email development, excessively long InMails can occupy the screen, affecting the customer's reading experience, and may cause them to lose interest.
2) Avoid lengthy self-introductions. If the client is not interested in your product or service, who you are is not their focus. Therefore, a simple introduction is sufficient.
3) Control the number of messages sent. Sending 100 to 120 InMails per day is the optimal number; excessive sending may result in the account being blocked.
4) Don't send immediately. If you've just added a client as a friend, don't send them an InMail immediately. It is recommended to wait a day or two before sending, and ensure that your profile information is complete before sending.
5) Highlight product features in the content. If your products are small items such as furniture, electronics, handicrafts, etc., you can attract customers' attention by presenting the features, advantages, and types of products through images and text.
If your products are bulk commodities such as outdoor products, furniture, machinery, etc., you can highlight the brand strength and factory scale of the products.
Now, let's share some excellent development email templates for your reference and selection. Remember to adjust them according to your business situation.
Template 1:
Hi Evan,
Your profile caught my eyes - it seems like you're doing an amazing job with yogurt drinks.
As a provider of beverage filling machinery, I could talk to you about a couple of ways our machines help our customers increase their production capacity.
If you're interested in learning more, let me know, and I'll send you more details. Sound good?
Template 2:
Hi Kate,
We offer a variety of water bottles, all of which can be customized to fit your needs.
If you're interested in browsing our selection, I'll send you our latest catalog.
Template 3:
Hi Andy,
Recently, we've been hearing complaints about clothing fading easily after a few washes.
Here at ABC, we aim to solve these issues and more for you. With 12 years of experience in the industry, we are highly qualified to provide you with solutions for your fashion garment concerns.
If you have any inquiries, we'll provide you with an estimate once we receive information from you.

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