How can you write a professional foreign trade development letter without these 5 tools?

2024-04-19|45 views|Development skills

Writing sales emails is an essential skill for every foreign trade professional, but mastering it isn't easy. Consequently, many foreign traders resort to using email templates. While this can streamline the email-writing process, it often fails to yield the desired response. So, how can you efficiently and effectively write professional business emails? The following email tools might just help:
1. Just Good Copy
This website features numerous professional email templates from well-known companies, covering various industries and scenarios. If you're lacking inspiration when writing emails, you can find some on this website.
The tool allows you to search by tags and focuses on various courteous expressions, common sentence structures, and styles, which is very helpful in improving email writing skills.

2. Email Signature Beautification Tool
A good email signature can comprehensively showcase your professionalism and leave a positive impression on clients regarding your expertise and attention to detail. Since the initial impression is crucial in sales interactions, don't overlook these finer details.
If your company doesn't have a standardized email signature design or requirement, you can find various templates you like here.

3. ChatGPT
ChatGPT is currently one of the most powerful AI intelligences. We're not using its email generation feature but rather its rewriting function. Just input your drafted email into ChatGPT's content section, and it will optimize the content for you. However, do review the optimized content, as it may contain some difficult vocabulary or grammar that could pose challenges for non-native English-speaking clients.
Currently, ChatGPT doesn't require registration for use, making it much easier to utilize. I recommend that foreign traders give it a try.

4. Email Tracking Tools
This tool doesn't require VPN to use. After downloading and registering according to the process, the system will automatically notify you when your email has been opened, how long it was open for, and where it was opened. This feature is crucial for email marketing, as it helps in promptly adjusting email content to improve response and conversion rates.
The free version of this tool allows tracking of up to 10 emails per month. If you exhaust the free quota and don't wish to spend money, you can switch to another similar tool. There are many similar tools available, such as:

5. Email/IP Monitoring Tool
SPAMHAUS is a powerful detection tool. By entering the email domain/IP address/host name, it identifies whether it's on a blacklist.
SPAMHAUS is currently the world's largest anti-spam organization. They categorize spam into four types: XBL, SBL, PBL, CBL. Many IPs in China are listed in PBL. It's essential to check whether your IP is on their blacklist before sending emails.

In conclusion, these tools are designed to simplify processes and cannot entirely replace human intervention. Therefore, it's still necessary to manually assess and review the results in practical operations.

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